Enjoy the stunning views - from our beautiful location

Wow – is the usual response from our guests as they step onto our terrace for the first time. The view really does have the Wow factor. The sunny location on the Rofenberg promises an excellent view over the rest of Liechtenstein and our neighboring countries. In addition, the mountains rise up from all directions. Eschen is only 10 minutes by car from Vaduz. In 5 minutes you are on Swiss soil and in 10 minutes in Austria. This allows you to visit 3 countries in under an hour. Where else can you say the same?

The village Eschen

With 4200 inhabitants and an idyllic village life guests quickly feel at home in these surroundings.

The village offers ample activities so boredom isn't an option.

For avid walkers

Embark on the historic trail at Eschnerberg or on a cultural hike through the village.

For culture vultures

Our village is idyllic with highlights such as the Pfrundbauten and Rofenberg chapel or the old mill.

For wine gourmets

On Saturdays you can taste and buy local wines from the village winemaker Castellun.

For the live wire

  • indoor swimming pool
  • tennis courts
  • football pitch
  • Inline skating
  • Mountain bike and bike paths
  • Horseback Riding Stables
  • Dance Studio
  • Outdoor exercise circuits
  • Golf course